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The Mission

We are passionate artists, and our goal is to help create a high-quality V-Tubing services. Live2D Models, Illustrations, and Graphics to offer you the highest possible quality.

The Values

We love consistency, style, and quality. V-Corp will follow each project with the utmost care and attention. We want to help make VTubing unique, beautiful, and expressive.

The Vision

We aim to become a point of reference for all those who want to pursue a career as a professional VTuber and provide the best graphic and artistic support they need.

Logo Design

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Live2D Art and Rig

Trickywi Live2D Model Art and Rigging


Nephtunie Rigging


Vaibae Illustration

Live2D Art and Rig

Bahroo L2D Model Art and Rigging

The founders Team

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Big or small, every project starts from an idea, and with our expertise, everything is achievable.

リック Dya Rikku

Illustrator & Live2D Rigger

ゆに Yuniiho

Illustrator & Live2D artist

博 Hiroshi

Designer & Science Illustrator

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Tailored for VTubers

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VTuber Model

Your VTuber identity takes shape. An original design with excellent animation available is the first fundamental step to start your career in the best possible way.


Artistic material to better define your VTuber and its peculiar characteristics to create a strong identity and improve the presence in the virtual world.


Being unique is essential. Personalized and recognizable graphics create greater engagement when streaming and on social networks.


A great Lore for a Great Debut. An engaging story, told correctly, is essential to present yourself at your best, leaving the most remarkable impression.


El Rubius

Rubén Doblas Gundersen, better known as elrubiusOMG or simply El Rubius, is a Spanish-Norwegian YouTuber whose channel primarily consists of gameplays and vlogs. He has the most subscribers in Spain and is among the 50 channels with the most subscribers of the platform in the world.

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