V-Corp is a group of professional artists to offer the world of VTubing services of excellent quality, high specialization and detail.

VTubing is a new form of entertainment: specialized professionals are needed to guarantee quality standards. We have combined our experience to allow anyone to have the best chance of expression in the world of live streaming, offering the most complete support possible.

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Main Services

Debut Management

Complete management of Pre-Debut: Assets, Illustrations, Graphics, Video Editing and Original Music.

Character Design and Model Art

Detailed VTuber Character Definition, Original Design, Full Character Sheet, and Model Art.

L2D Rigging and Animations

Live2D Model Rigging, Mascot Animations, Chibi, Background, Illustrations, and Panels.

Streaming Assets

Custom Overlays for your Streams, Panels, Stingers, Banners, Alerts, Starting and Ending Screens.

Logo and Branding

Unique, recognizable, and elegant Graphics. Logo design to express your Personality.

Graphic Design

Streaming Channel and Social Banners, Slides, Schedule Posts, Announcements, and Events, to impress your Brand.

Lore and Background

Creation and Deepening of your Character. Full Story Writing, Proofreading, Script Writing, and Art Direction for Video Lore.

Illustrations and Commercial Art

Illustrations of the Character, Images for Events and Anniversaries, Art for Commercial projects and Merch.

Video Lore and Music

Video Announcements and Video Lore. Original Music and Sound Effects. Express your project out loud.

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Complete Management of Your Debut

The Debut is a crucial and delicate moment. Let V-Corp take care of all aspects of the debut while you can focus on what you love. No stress or missed deadlines, with us, you can enjoy your free time.


Our Team

Big or small, every project starts from a simple idea, and with our expertise, everything is possible.

リック Dya Rikku

Illustrator & Live2D Rigger

ゆに Yuniiho

Illustrator & Live2D artist

博 Hiroshi

Designer & Science Illustrator

仁志 XRayDreads

Illustrator & Lore Artist


Musician and Composer


Illustrator & L2D Artist


General Manager

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