Angela Staub

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Angela provides both management and complete Debut direction. She is the one who puts pen to paper and starts things officially. She writes everything that could be written about a Vtuber Character, such as the biography, the background, or the Lore script.




Building relationships is natural, especially when VTubers are very like-minded. Sharing some aspects of the Lore is a possibility that you should not underestimate.

Social Media Bio

Presenting yourself coherently and comprehensively on each platform is very important, and you have to be recognizable in every place.

Video Lore

All our services are realized in a single place, creating a unique and unrepeatable event that will officially start your career as a VTuber.

Written Lore

Essential information from which to start to fully understand the VTuber and interpret it everywhere in a coherent way.

Angela Staub's

Projects Portfolio


Bahroo’s Jade Caves Background