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VTuber Model

Your VTuber identity takes shape. An original design with excellent animation available is the first fundamental step to start your career in the best possible way.


Artistic material to better define your VTuber and its peculiar characteristics to create a strong identity and improve the presence in the virtual world.


Being unique is essential. Personalized and recognizable graphics create greater engagement when streaming and on social networks.


A great Lore for a Great Debut. An engaging story, told correctly, is essential to present yourself at your best, leaving the most remarkable impression.

Single Service

You can commission one individual service at a time, carried out with professionalism and quality. Our team of artists will be there for your needs.

Manager Briefing on Discord

Pre-approval of Sketch

One Revision

Quick Delivery Option

Bundle Service

To satisfy multiple needs through a single request, with the possibility of a custom quote and the direct management of various services.

Manager Briefing on Discord

Management and Art Direction

Ongoing project upgrades

High Customization

Long Term Projects

For longer collaborations over time, including events and anniversaries, outfit changes, revamping. Highly personalized and dedicated services for those who need constant and renewable work. Exclusive artistic direction and continuous management.

Manager Briefing on Discord

Art Direction and Project Strategy

Ongoing project upgrades

Annual Renewal option


Tailored for You

Pre-Debut Indie VTuber

Those who intend to start their career as a VTuber. Starting from the definition of the character and main characteristics, creating artistic and graphic material, and debuting as gran finale.

Re-Debut Indie VTuber

Those who already have experience and want to renew or change the path started. Fresh, new graphics and artistic material are provided to enhance the character's new or deeper identity.

VTuber Agencies

Organized groups and VTubers agencies can ask for a lasting and diversified relationship over time, including a supply of creative and graphic services suitable for every occasion, event, and anniversary.

Conversion to VTuber

Who already has a career as a streamer and wants to create a VTuber character. The character will embody the streamer's experience so the community will recognize and appreciate it.

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