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Combine multiple Lores in the same Setting


Building relationships is natural, especially when VTubers are very like-minded. Sharing some aspects of the Lore is a possibility that you should not underestimate.

Expanded universes

Combining the Lore of two or more characters is possible, creating new and original contexts. A new type of event to fully explore.

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Live and constantly evolving storytelling

A Background does not necessarily have to have two or more VTubers continuously. In the past of a protagonist, there were also other interactions and, above all, different characters to support him. Deepening and bonding offer opportunities not to be underestimated for entertainment purposes.

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Single Service

From 100€

Single Request

One Interconnection

  • Combination of two Lores that share the same concept

  • Service Management

  • One Revision

  • Discord Chat

Multiple Services

From 200€

Bundle Request

More Interconnection

  • Combination of several Lores with the same concept in common

  • Project Management

  • Two Revisions

  • Discord Call

Personalized Service

Variable Price

Custom Request


  • Combination of different Lores and concepts in a single setting

  • Art Direction

  • Three Revisions

  • Direct Discord Contact


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