Character Art


The very first steps

Character Design

There can be a lot of good ideas behind creating a VTuber, and they all need to fit well with each other. Our job is to make these ideas a solid concept.

Character Sheet

A good character sheet is fundamental for artists to reference projects and fan arts. It is also a professional business card of your Vtuber: an essential element.

Latest Projects

Amazing projects we have been working at


Design, development and creativity

Character art is more than just aesthetics. Visually characterizing the VTuber through poses, expressions, clothing, and accessories is crucial for fitting the best in VTubing. From the physical definition to the color palette: utmost care to every detail creates an inimitable and personalized design.

Services Pricing

Tailored Offers

Single Service

From 1000€

Single Request

One Character Sheet

  • Design and Development of a single Concept

  • Service Management

  • One Revision

  • Discord Chat

Multiple Services

From 2000€

Bundle Request

Multiple version, same Character

  • Design and Development of alternative versions

  • Project Management

  • Two Revisions

  • Discord Call

Personalized Service

Variable Price

Custom Request

Many Concepts and Versions

  • Design and Development of different Characters and versions

  • Art Direction

  • Three Revisions

  • Direct Discord Channel


Let's get in touch

Art Informations

Please send us your questions, concerns, or requests for more specific information about our artistic services and processes.

Art Request

Tell us about your project or idea. Include information on the type of art service you need, details, and references. If you have specific requests, please include them in your message. We'll do our best to respond promptly to your needs.