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Graphic Projects

Logos, overlays, banners, panels, events, post and pinned post graphics, thumbnails, and more. All this by communicating a single brand effectively. Yours.


Graphic images to promote an activity, an event, or elements such as banners and slides.

Logo Design

Communicate without words your Brand. A Logo is the correct synthesis of a larger concept.

Stream Overlay

The Graphic Overlay for your Streaming, with a Branded connection with your logo, model, and color schemes.


A Website to show your Freelance Services, go into detail with your Vtuber Lore and Details or sell your merch.


How it Works

Project Request

Our manager is in charge of collecting all necessary references in order to allow the artist to work to the best of their ability. You will be requested to send over as many ideas and references as needed.


After receiving the necessary information and files from the management, the artist will begin the sketching phase. Before moving on to the final rendering, you will be able to approve or request changes to the sketch. Reviews after approval will not be accepted. All artworks may be publicly displayed on Twitch or on social channels at the artist's discretion unless requested differently.

Logo Design

KazuKitsu Logo Stinger

Stream Overlay

KazuKitsu Overlay

Logo Design

KazuKitsu Logo

Stream Overlay

Socratic Overlay

Stream Overlay

TakaoCafe Overlay

Logo Design

TakaoCafe Logo

Stream Overlay

Eljin Birdfort Overlay

Logo Design

Eljin Birdfort Logo

Logo Design

Peaches Logo

Logo Design

Truck Chan Logo


Our Graphic Client's Projects


My name is Hiroshi

Nice to meet you. I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Art Director with 10 years of experience in Branding and Communication. I will take care of your graphic project professionally and efficiently.


Let's get in touch

Graphic Informations

Please send us your questions, concerns, or requests for more specific information about our graphic services and processes.

Graphic Request

Tell us about your project or idea. Include information on the type of graphic service you need, details, and references. If you have specific requests, please include them in your message. We'll do our best to respond promptly to your needs.