Live2D Model Art

Vtuber Model

Show your identity

Your face

Much more than an avatar. The Model is your face in VTubing, what you will show during all your streams.

At a glance

Showing off in the right way, through an original look, is only the first step. The correct details can make the VTuber recognizable anywhere.

Latest Projects

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Towards interaction

Personality that shows off

The adequately developed idea takes shape through the model in every detail, from the expression to the outfit. Each model is absolutely original and highly personalized, already able to speak about itself indirectly, and a Model can be subsequently updated and customized to meet every need.

Services Pricing

Tailored Offers

Base Service

From 3500€

Base Model

One Model

  • Set-up and complete development of a single Model

  • Art Direction and Service Management

  • 1 outfit and 5 standard toggles, may include some outfit variants

  • Dedicated Discord Channel

Advanced Service

From 5000€

Bundle Request

More versions for a single Model

  • Design and development of different outfits and accessorises

  • Art Direction and Service Management

  • 2+ outfits (may include naked/bikini version) and/or a set of extra toggles

  • Dedicated Discord Channel

Personalized Service

Variable Price

Custom Request

More versions for a single Model

  • A personalised bundle of services to suit all your needs

  • Art Direction and Service Management

  • Outfits, Options, Accessories, and everything you might have in mind

  • Dedicated Discord Channel


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