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A Vtuber character has its own story and peculiarities. The fundamental step is to define it, express it and interpret it everywhere in an understandable way. Delving into your character's story or telling their lore effectively will allow you to create a strong bond with your audience.

Lore Services

Vtuber Story Info and Detailed Lore Services


Presenting yourself coherently and comprehensively on each platform is very important, and you must be recognizable everywhere.

Written Lore

Essential information from which to start to fully understand the VTuber and interpret it everywhere in a coherent way.

Video Lore

All our services are realized in a single place, creating a unique and unrepeatable event that will officially start your career as a VTuber.


Building relationships is natural, especially when VTubers are very like-minded. Sharing some aspects of the Lore is a possibility that you should not underestimate.

I am not a stupid dog, You’re the one who is wrong, And if this doesn't stop, Otherwise CHOP-CHOP-CHOP!


Lore Song

"We are not doomed to evil. We are not doomed to suffering! Demons, rebel! Do good, and you will be blessed, do evil, and you will be annihilated! "

Kitty McPancake


"Due to its incredible qualities, pandas consider Jade to be a divine gift. The pandas society thrives thanks to Jade, and many customs and traditions were born for the purpose of honoring this precious mineral."

Admiral Bahroo



How does it Work

You will be put in touch with our Lore Manager to discuss all details of your service, You'll be able to watch the progress develop up close from begining to end.

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First Contact

During the first chat, we will get to know your idea and discuss the chosen service in more detail. We will clarify which elements we need to continue and which are the points to be explored.

Informations, Resources, Refs

Once ready, it's time to gather the materials and resources needed to develop your entire character's Story, Background, or Lore.

Story and Background

What are the inspirations, bonds, fears, weaknesses and strengths? A series of questions and discussions will lead us to the ever more detailed definition of your character. Together we could make it unique!

Final Process

After a research phase, we will propose our narrative proposal. You will be able to approve the draft or suggest changes. Once this stage is over, we will narratively develop your service and deliver the finished work to you.

Lore, Video, and Music Portfolio

Written Lore

Star2D2 Lore Script

Written Lore

Juna Written Lore

Written Lore

Yonare Written Lore

Written Lore

Lunari Written Lore

Written Lore

Leyna Lore Script

Written Lore

Seraphim Written Lore

Written Lore

Reiki Lore Script

Written Lore

Shark Lore Script

Video Lore

Shark Lore Illustrations

Video Lore

Momo Lore Illustrations


My name is Angela Staub

As a vampire, I've had many experiences and seen many things, always looking for strong emotions. I write trying to convey these emotions through words. I'm ambitious, and challenges don't scare me. I have been taught to give my all in every situation and to demand the best. It's a pleasure to have you here.


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Tell us about your project or idea. Include information on the type of lore service you need, details, and references. If you have specific requests, please include them in your message. We'll do our best to respond promptly to your needs.