refined animations

VTubing in constant motion

Virtual interaction

Excellent fluidity and precision make the L2D Model incredibly alive. While intangible, the interaction with viewers is authentic and immersive.

More than just actions

Rigging reaches ever more refined levels of detail every day. A professionally animated model deserves success.

Latest Projects

Amazing projects we have been working at

moving art

Every detail that makes the difference

Eyes that open and close. Lips that articulate the words well. Shadows of an outfit that moves. These are just some of the elements to consider in Rigging. Realistic movements make the VTuber more natural and human, allowing the viewer to empathize easily.

Services Pricing

Tailored Offers

Single Service

From 2000€

Single Request

One Model Rigging

  • Complete animation of a single Model and outfit

  • Service Management

  • One Revision

  • Discord Chat

Multiple Services

From 3000€

Bundle Request

Multiple outfits, single Model

  • Complete animation of every outfit for a single Model

  • Project Management

  • Two Revisions

  • Discord Call

Personalized Service

Variable Price

Custom Request

Multiple outfits and Models

  • Complete animation of every outfit and every Model

  • Art Direction

  • Three Revisions

  • Direct Discord Channel


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