The Beginning

Vtuber Model Services

A model capable of expressing your personality in the right way. A business card and a character to become attached to. Our goal is to ensure the best possible scenic impact for your Vtuber model.

L2D Services

Vtuber Model and Art Animation Services

Live2D Model Art

Much more than an avatar. The Model is your face in VTubing, what you will show during all your streams.


Excellent fluidity and precision make the L2D model incredibly alive. While intangible, the interaction with viewers is authentic and immersive.

Live2D Art and Rig

An L2D Model Designed and created by the same artist or team for better results and greater customization.

L2D and AE Animations

Animate your illustrations and Graphics using Live 2D and After Effects, bringing your images to life.


How it Works

We always carry out every project with the utmost passion and dedication. The manager will discuss all the details of your model and put you in touch with the model artist themselves right before the work starts. We will set up a file of references, information, and details at the artist's disposal. Each project is a challenge that we accept with determination and hype.

Live2D Model Art

Lumi Live2D Model Art

Live2D Model Art

Lily Sin Live2D Model Art

Live2D Art and Rig

Vienna Live2D Model Art and Rigging

Live2D Art and Rig

Rubius Live2D Model Art and Rigging


Snuffy Rigging

Live2D Art and Rig

Bahroo Rooscuff Live2D Model Art and Rigging

Live2D Art and Rig

SummersSalt Live2D Model Art and Rigging

Live2D Model Art

Trickywi Live2D Model Art


Harizono Erisu Rigging

Live2D Model Art

Harizono Erisu Live2D Model Art

Nice to glitch you

My name is Dya Rikku

I am a Freelance Digital Illustrator and Live2D Animator. I make Concept art, Illustrations and Character Designs. I brought to life many VTuber avatars since I have a big passion for animating in Live2D and I would like to be everyone's Mama.


Let's get in touch

L2D Informations

Please send us your questions, concerns, or requests for more specific information about our Live2d and Animation services and processes.

L2D Request

Tell us about your project or idea. Include information on the type of L2D service you need, details, and references. If you have specific requests, please include them in your message. We'll do our best to respond promptly to your needs.