Terms of Service

1 | Introduction

1.1 Presentation of V-CORP

V-CORP is a company founded by a collective of professional artists specialising in providing excellent quality services in VTubing, considered an innovative area of digital entertainment. The combination of the skills and experience of V-CORP's artists allows for comprehensive support for those who wish to express themselves through live streaming.

V-CORP offers high-level VTubing services, including the creation of Live2D models, the production of illustrations, and the provision of graphic services. V-CORP places excellent value on consistency, style, and quality, putting maximum care and attention into every project to ensure a unique, refined, and engaging expression of VTubing.

V-CORP is a reference point for those who aspire to pursue a career as professional VTubers, offering comprehensive and high-quality artistic and graphic support.

1.2 Scope of V-CORP Services

V-CORP provides a wide range of services designed to meet the needs of VTubers fully. V-CORP collaborates with high-reputation freelance artists in the field, chosen for their excellent artistic abilities and significant competence in time management, problem-solving, and versatility.

V-CORP intends to simplify the VTuber experience, constituting a single point of contact to meet all their needs. One of the main challenges for a VTuber is finding and coordinating different artists, ensuring that commissions are completed in time for a smooth debut. With V-CORP, this concern is removed: the team of professionals will handle every aspect.

2 | Process

2.1 Process and communications with V-CORP

The client will be in contact with a V-CORP Manager, who will be tasked with discussing all the details related to the requested service. During the first meeting, V-CORP aims to fully understand the client's idea and discuss the service requirements in more detail. Following this interaction, V-CORP will gather the materials and resources necessary to develop the project.

It is important to note that precise timings for the service implementation will be provided at this stage. However, a legally exact date can only be established after the client accepts the defined drafts.

V-CORP and the client will primarily communicate through a dedicated Discord platform channel explicitly created for the project. It is emphasised that private communications will not be considered for legal or project management aspects.

The role of the V-CORP Manager will be to resolve any issues while respecting the mental health of all project participants, providing a comfortable working environment and maintaining the confidentiality of personal communications. Please note that the Manager will be available to address discomfort, payment issues, or other issues that could put artists or clients in difficulty.

3 | Acceptance of Terms of Service

3.1 Terms acceptance process

The user formally accepts the conditions set out here by proceeding with payment for V-CORP services. V-CORP uses PayPal as a payment method to ensure the security of transactions and minimise access to unnecessary personal information. This is done to protect user privacy and prevent any form of Doxxing.

When the user proceeds with the payment in any form, complete or splitted, it is considered that these Terms of Service have been accepted. The settlement itself will further formalise such acceptance. V-CORP Managers are responsible for providing this information to the user before payment.

V-CORP is not responsible for any problems or disputes related to the payment process via PayPal. In case of problems with the payment, the user will have to contact PayPal directly.

Any service offered by V-CORP generally begins after receipt of payment per what was discussed with the Manager.

3.2 Minimum age for service use

To access and use the services offered by V-CORP, the minimum required age is 13 years. This age limit aligns with the policies of major streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

Using V-CORP services, the user declares and guarantees to be at least 13 years old. If under 18 years old, the user claims and guarantees to have obtained the consent of the parent or legal guardian to use V-CORP services. The user is responsible for providing such permission in written form upon request by V-CORP within 48 hours. The responsibility for these statements falls entirely on the user.

The provision of false information regarding the user's age or omission in presenting the consent of the parent or legal guardian upon request may result in the immediate termination of V-CORP services without notice. In such cases, the user may be held responsible for any consequences or damages resulting from such false statements or omissions.

It is essential to underline that V-CORP reserves the right to immediately suspend or discontinue services to the user in case of non-compliance with these conditions.

4 | Services Offered and Timelines

4.1 Details on services offered

V-CORP's service covers a wide range of areas, including creation of VTuber models, necessary illustrations, creation of custom graphics, and lore development. Every element a VTuber might need to start streaming is accessible through V-CORP.

VTuber Model

V-CORP handles the creation of VTuber models designed to represent the client's identity in the virtual landscape. V-CORP is committed to developing an original design combined with high-quality animation to provide an excellent starting point for the client's career. In particular, the provision of VTuber models by V-CORP includes:

  • Live2D Model Art
  • Rigging
  • Live2D Art and Rigging
  • Live2D and AE Animations

Note:The minimum material to request a Live2D Model is a Character sheet or Character design. Without the required material, a Design/Character sheet commission can be integrated at an extra cost. The Design will be provided together with the finished Model.


V-CORP provides artistic materials to further define the client's VTuber identity and its peculiar characteristics. These materials are designed to create a strong identity and increase the client's presence in the virtual world. In detail, the art materials provided by V-CORP include:

  • Illustrations
  • Character Art
  • Concept Art
  • Business Art


V-CORP produces custom and recognisable graphics to increase customer engagement during streaming sessions and on their social media presence. Specifically, the graphic creation services offered by V-CORP include:

  • Logo Design
  • Stream Overlay
  • Graphics
  • Website


V-CORP offers a high-quality Lore creation service, essential for a compelling client debut. An engaging and well-constructed story is vital to present the VTuber's identity optimally. The Lore creation services offered by V-CORP include:

  • Lore Video
  • Written Lore
  • Setting and World Building
  • Music

The Lore Video service, aimed at producing a final product in video format, represents a synergistic work of several artists that include the Art Director, the Character Artist, the Background Artist, the dialogue adapter, the voice acting team, the music composer, the sound designer, the video editor, and the Video Effects specialist.

4.2 Timelines

Due to their highly customised and artisanal nature, the services offered by V-CORP require a minimum period of two months to be completed, with a tolerance of one month.

These timelines are applied (but not limited) to single services of illustration, model art, rigging, music composition, and graphics. Other services, such as Lore Videos, may require up to seven months, depending on animations, extras, and various adaptations. Timelines can vary, decreasing or increasing, based on the project's complexity and the client's specific needs. Timelines will, however, be communicated to the client once all aspects of the project are determined in the setup phase.

The work process begins in the indicated time slot, which is generally blocked by making the payment. It is only possible to start a project with the client delivering all the references and materials required. These are the main stages of our work process:

  • Setup / Drafts: we foresee a month to create drafts, which can extend up to two months for more complex services such as complete Lore Videos, particularly difficult VTuber Models, exceptional circumstances of World Building, Animations, and similar projects.
  • Draft reworking: an additional month is planned for reworking drafts if necessary.
  • Production works: upon acceptance of the drafts, the production work requires a working time calculated on a case-by-case basis based on the client's specifications. Generally, one or two months are counted for single and non-complex services and up to seven months for complex services. Each timeline is subject to a tolerance margin of 20% of the agreed time to cover any disservices artists provide due to health problems, business trips, etc.

The client must respond promptly to requests for feedback and approvals to ensure a smooth and timely process. We ask for a response within 48 hours. Any delay in the client's response could result in weeks or even months in the delivery delay.

Therefore, V-CORP strongly advises clients to respect the scheduled timings and promptly provide the requested feedback. The client's collaboration is crucial to ensure an efficient work process and timely project delivery.

5 | Rules and Behaviours

5.1 Conduct rules to be respected

The client is required to respect certain behavioural norms to ensure an efficient and productive work process:

  • The client must respond to requests for feedback and approvals within 48 hours. Delays in response will affect delivery times, with an increase in days calculated and communicated by the Manager.
  • Any problem or concern must be communicated privately to the V-CORP Manager, who will evaluate on a case-by-case basis the best way to proceed in the best interests of both parties, thus ensuring a comfortable working environment for the artist and avoiding creating stressful and harmful situations.
  • Updates on the status of the work will be communicated independently by the artist when these meet the necessary quality standards on the reference Discord channel of the project and can only be solicited by the Manager. It is not recommended to contact the artist directly to request updates. However, updates are a right of the client, and therefore it is possible to request them in the Discord channel of the project where the client, the artist, and the Manager will all be present.
  • If necessary, it is allowed to contact the Manager to raise doubts or ask for more in-depth updates and information on timelines. For the requested communications, it will be Manager's task and care to use the dedicated Discord channel in the correct terms, inform both the artist and the client of the updates/communications and make the information accessible to the art director and any other figures involved in the realisation of the project. To avoid any possible misunderstanding, it is made known that the client and the artist will share the Server Channel for the project's duration. Communications between the client and the artist are not impeded, only regulated to maintain a healthy and positive work environment for everyone involved.

5.2 Copyright policies

The artist owns all commercial rights to the final work unless purchased separately. Prices for buying commercial rights are set individually by each artist about the project for which it is requested. Requests must be made through the project's Discord channel.

It is allowed to share the WIP (Work in Progress) and other materials obtained during the work only with the explicit authorisation of the artist. When the work is used on any social media or streaming platform, giving due credit to the artist in the ways agreed upon with the Manager is mandatory.

5.3 Policies related to service abuse

V-CORP takes every report of service abuse seriously. Abuses can include but are not limited to disrespectful behaviour, copyright violations, continuous delays in responses, and failure to respect agreed deadlines.

In case of service abuse, V-CORP reserves the right to discontinue the service for the responsible client. This can include cancelling the ongoing project without a refund, blocking the client from the V-CORP Discord server, and banning the use of V-CORP services in the future.

Any user, particularly the client, can report service abuses to the V-CORP Manager. All reports will be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. V-CORP is committed to maintaining a safe and respectful work environment for all its clients and artists.

6 | Commissions and Payments

6.1 Details on Service Fees

V-CORP offers a transparent and direct process for requesting a commission. Customers can submit their requests using the dedicated form on our website, vcorp.jp, or by directly contacting V-CORP artists. A Manager will be available to collect the necessary reference material and proceed with the commission. After confirming the reference material, we will send a payment request, which can be made via PayPal or other payment methods according to the customer's preference.

It should be noted that there is no expedited delivery of commissions. Any delivery needs can be discussed privately and only before accepting the commission.

It is possible to update or modify the commission only during the sketch/setup phase, which will be shown via Discord in the personal channel for approval. Once the sketch is approved, no broad changes are possible. However, minor or detailed changes can be evaluated and discussed during the work, but this may require an update of the timings. The Manager reserves the right to communicate to the customer when the modification requests exceed the expected, and it may be necessary to pay an additional cost for reworking.

The artist is always guaranteed authorisation to stream during the realisation of the commission unless other agreements have been made, which may require the payment of an additional fee. Finally, the finished files will be shared via Google Drive to ensure the highest possible quality and resolution.

6.2 Payment methods

V-CORP offers flexible payment options. The standard payment involves upfront and full payment at the time of accepting the commission. However, V-CORP understands that a staggered, or deferred compensation may be appropriate. In such cases, V-CORP will consider splitting or delaying payments subject to the artist's acceptance.

The standard payment method is a PayPal invoice, which can be issued by the reference artist or V-CORP, depending on the specific case. Alternatively, V-CORP accepts bank transfers and payments through other platforms like Stripe.

It should be noted that work on the commission will only begin after the payment has been received and confirmed. If payments are delayed due to Third Parties, the Manager will endeavour to provide, when possible, the necessary instructions for resolving the problem. Payment delays are not the responsibility of V-CORP. Although the Manager will discuss with the customer the best possible solutions to ensure the fluidity of the workflow, delays could affect the established timings of the project, particularly projects that involve the participation of multiple artists.

6.3 Refund and cancellation policies

V-CORP pays great attention to customer satisfaction and the clarity of its policies. Refund policies are only provided when the project has not been started and no collaborator has been involved.

7 | Changes to the Terms of Service

7.1 How and when V-CORP can modify the terms

V-CORP reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time, to respond to the company's changing needs, to new service features, to changes in the law, or for any other reason. Such changes will be prepared with due diligence and will be aimed at improving the clarity of the terms, better protecting the interests of our customers, and ensuring compliance with the law.

7.2 Notification process for changes to the terms

When V-CORP makes significant changes to the Terms of Service, it commits to inform customers promptly and transparently through an announcement of the changes via the discord server in the appropriate general channel. This notification will include a summary of the main changes and indicate where the updated terms can be read.

V-CORP will provide a reasonable grace period during which customers can review the new terms and decide whether to continue using the services offered by V-CORP. The continuation of the use of V-CORP's services after the expiration of this grace period will be considered as acceptance of the new Terms of Service.

In case of doubts or questions regarding these changes, V-CORP encourages customers to contact the Manager for assistance and further clarification.

8 | Dispute Resolution and Applicable Law

8.1 Dispute resolution process

V-CORP is committed to providing the best possible experience to all our customers. We understand that in some circumstances, disagreements may arise, or misunderstandings or communication problems may occur for various reasons. In the event of a dispute, V-CORP encourages its customers to contact the Manager to seek an amicable resolution. V-CORP strongly believes in resolving conflicts through respectful and constructive dialogue. It is essential to underline that any inappropriate or harmful disclosure regarding V-CORP, especially if unfounded, could be considered defamatory. V-CORP respects the freedom of expression of its customers but expects the information disclosed to be accurate and not misleading. V-CORP reserves the right to take legal action if the disclosure of false or defamatory information can damage the reputation or activity of V-CORP. Still, most importantly, V-CORP is committed to protecting the rights of the artists involved, just as it protects the rights of its customers.

Suppose it is not possible to find a resolution through a friendly route. In that case, any dispute or claim that arises or is related to these Terms of Service or the violation, resolution or nullity will be resolved through arbitration under the rules of the Italian Code of Civil Procedure.

8.2 Applicable law

These Terms of Service are governed by and interpreted following the laws of the Italian Republic, without regard to its conflicts of law. The user agrees that any legal action or procedure between the user and V-CORP will be conducted exclusively at the court of Parma in Italy. Therefore, the user consents and submits to the personal jurisdiction of such courts for the purposes of such legal action or procedure.

9 | Liability and Limitations

9.1 V-CORP's responsibility for the services offered

V-CORP is committed to ensuring the quality and professionalism of the services offered, using the collaboration of professionals with proven competence and experience. V-CORP also commits to respect the terms established in the contracts of our services and to resolve any problems that may arise during the provision of the same according to the methods described in the previous points, not assuming responsibility for any requests or expectations not explicitly provided for in the service contract.

9.2 Limitations of liability

Despite V-CORP's dedication to providing excellent service, circumstances outside of V-CORP's control could affect service delivery. In particular, if a freelance artist should encounter personal problems that interrupt the provision of services, V-CORP will do its best to replace the artist with another artist of equal competence. However, any delay or alteration of the service due to such circumstances cannot be considered a responsibility of V-CORP.

Furthermore, in the event of unforeseen events, such as natural disasters, interruptions of third-party service, or other force majeure events, V-CORP cannot be held responsible for delays or defaults.

V-CORP assumes no responsibility for indirect or consequential losses that may result from using our services, including, but not limited to, loss of profit, loss of business opportunities, or loss of data.

Finally, it should be noted that V-CORP's commitment is to provide a high-quality service. Still, the responsibility for the final result of the work, especially when it requires the customer's active involvement or approval, largely falls on the customer.

10 | Privacy Policy

10.1 How V-CORP manages and protects customers' personal information

The confidentiality and security of customer information are of fundamental importance to V-CORP. We use PayPal as the primary payment method, which allows us to maintain minimal management of customers' personal information. All information related to invoices is managed exclusively by the accounting team, which communicates with the rest of the team only to confirm if a payment has been received. V-CORP does not share or disclose customers' personal information to third parties, unless it is strictly necessary to provide the requested services or if required by law.

Work files are shared and approved via the Discord channel, avoiding the use of personal emails for greater security. The use of private emails is limited and occurs only at the customer's explicit request and in particular circumstances. V-CORP instead plans to use Drive links for file sharing and approval.

On some occasions, V-CORP may ask customers for their timezone to facilitate communications, but this information is used only for this purpose and is not shared with third parties.

V-CORP's Privacy Policy complies with data protection regulations in Italy and the European Union. V-CORP will continue to review and update its policy based on customer needs and changes in privacy laws.

11 | Contacts

11.1 Information on how to contact V-CORP for assistance or other questions

The V-CORP team is always available to assist our customers in any way possible. If you need assistance or have questions, there are several ways to get in touch with V-CORP:

  • Contact the Manager: You can reach the Manager in the reference channel on Discord. This is often the fastest way to get an answer to specific questions or concerns about your project.
  • Privately on Discord: If you prefer a private conversation or need to discuss a topic that is not appropriate for the reference channel, you can send a private message to the Manager on Discord.
  • Email: You can contact V-CORP at info@vcorp.jp or the Manager at ai1313@vcorp.jp.

Remember that V-CORP's priority is to ensure that your experience is positive. Do not hesitate to contact V-CORP if you need assistance or have questions about any aspect of our service.

12 | Final Clause

12.1 Acceptance of terms and conditions

With the payment of the services offered by V-CORP, the user confirms the acceptance of these Terms of Service. Where the payment is divided into several options or postponed, it refers to the approval of the terms of service based on different situations:

  • Via Server: The entry into the discord channel in the Server following the first contact with the Manager
  • Via Payment: The payment of a deposit of 10% on the total cost of the service, when provided
  • Via Explicit Acceptance: An explicit and documentable acceptance is provided to the Manager, who may sometimes require a copy via email

It is recommended to read and fully understand these terms before paying.

12.2 Responsibility in case of non-provision of the Terms of Service

If, for any reason, a customer does not receive or request these Terms of Service before starting to use our services, the responsibility does not fall on V-CORP. Our Terms of Service are publicly available on our website for consultation anytime. In addition, we recommend all customers request and read our Terms of Service carefully before proceeding with any transaction. Failure to request or read the Terms of Service does not exempt the customer from respecting the provisions contained in them once payment has been made for the services of V-CORP.

12.3 Manager's responsibility for the Terms of Service

If a Manager of V-CORP does not provide the Terms of Service to the customer upon explicit request, this can be considered an individual error and does not reflect the standard rules and procedures of V-CORP. The customer is invited to report the incident to V-CORP's administrative office for further investigation. However, it is emphasised that a Manager's failure to provide the Terms of Service does not exempt the customer from respecting the Terms once they have paid for the services. We reiterate that the Terms of Service are available anytime for consultation on our website.

12.4 Safeguard clauses

Suppose any provision of these Terms of Service should be judged invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction. In that case, the remaining provisions of these Terms of Service will remain in full force and effect. Such a decision will have no impact on the validity or applicability of the other provisions.

Furthermore, suppose V-CORP does not exercise or apply any of the rights or provisions provided for in these Terms of Service. This will only constitute a waiver of such right or provision if we recognise and accept it in writing.

13 | Conclusions

13.1 Conclusions and last words

V-CORP is committed to providing high-quality services to our customers, and we appreciate your understanding and adherence to our Terms of Service. V-CORP believes that clear communication of our policies and procedures helps ensure the best possible experience for all.

Your understanding and respect for our Terms of Service help V-CORP maintain a quality service and support our freelance artists, ensuring a fair and respectful working environment.

V-CORP thanks you for your trust and support and hopes to continue working together to create quality content that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

For any further questions or clarification, do not hesitate to contact V-CORP.

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